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@ Barrett: To my knowledge there is no One-Button-option to switch to virtual soundcheck on the GLD but you can create one with a few steps:

Let`s assume that you use channels 1-24 and record them via direct out using dante, keeping the same channel numbers straight for Input channels and Dante (recorder) channels.
To switch to virtual soundcheck, go to the i/o menu, choose the i/o port in tab, click on ip-1, change UNASSIGNED to INPUT (bottom), start with 1 and end at 24. Click Apply and your inputs are now connected to your DAW if your Dante patch is right.
To go back to inputs again, choose the dSnake tab on top and proceed just the same.
Now you can create two scenes with recall filters allowing only your input patch to change: Save dSnake sockets-1/24-to-inputs in (let`s say) Scene 100 and i/o-1/24-to-inputs in scene 101.
In scenes window, chose scene-100, open the blue recall filter, choose BLOCK ALL (lower left), go to OTHER and clicl ALLOW PATCHBAY again. Then close the window.
Do the same with scene-101. Now you have created two scenes that are only allowed to change the patch back and forth, leaving other parameters alone. (Attention, this allows ALL patch bay changes, so be careful not to mess with your output patches)
To get a real one-button-solution, assign two user buttons to these scenes:
Assign two user buttons to recall scene 100 and 101 in SETUP/CONTROLLER/SOFTKEYS. Since soft key assigns can change with each scene, you`ll want to make these two keys (maybe others, too) globally recall safe, so they will always be there to switch your inputs back and forth.
To do so, go back to the scenes window, choose the scene safes-tab (upper right).
Choose SOFT KEYS and make these two keys (in my example Key 1 and 2) safe.
Changes made here apply to ALL scenes in the show, whereas the blue recall filterS used before applY only that one selected scene.

You have now two user buttons to change between real input and virtual soundcheck from your DAW in a true one-button-solution.
Tweak and adjust your parameters and mix, but dont forget to switch back to dSnake-in before you save to another scene or youre in for a surprise if you recall that scene as the band starts to play 😉