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Our setup depends on who masters it. If we do it in house then my setup is nothing crazy. Its a top spec’d Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM. I have a mBox and a set of studio monitors, I use Logic X with Waves plugins. But the basic requirement of recording is that you get jitter free wav files that can then be imported into any studio setup.

TBH if you get yourself a high end Mac Mini to begin with both can be done on the same machine. We had some issues with the release version of Logic X and more than 25 channels so we switched to Reaper as per so many people on this forum suggesting we do so. I have never looked back. It is so simple to setup and just works every time without any worries. This is my main requirement in a multi track recording getting the job done with as little effort as possible and the mac does it every time. You can still have Logic installed on the same machine and once reaper has recorded the files simply import it into logic for mastering.

Hope this helps. These forums were invaluable to me when I first got the GLD and I can honestly say I am chuffed to bits with the ease of our setup now.