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Well, I just got done with some frustrating troubleshooting with MixPad/iPad connection. It happened probably due to upgrading the iPad OS. I’ll relate what I found in case it happens to anyone else an also if someone can shed a bit of light on it for me. Updating to 1.92 on everything hadn’t helped at all, I just couldn’t get MixPad to connect with the rack for anything. Checked and double-checked IP settings with no luck. Found a free app so I could Ping from the iPad and checked everything.( rack, computer, router and iPad) Everything checked out with a good connection and no errors. Finally I happened to notice the rack had a DNS setting of and the iPad had no DNS setting. Now I hadn’t really paid much attention to this as my understanding has been that this is only related to WAN networks and converting Domain names to addresse’s via DNS servers. I’m never using the router connected to the internet during shows and didn’t even think it was even needed in this application but when I set the DNS in the iPad to match it finally connected normally. Something in the update or new about the OS caused this as I hadn’t changed any settings in the iPad. If anyone can expound on what DNS has to do with an LAN or knows of an article with respect to that I’d appreciate it. I’ll have to do some more studying as now I’m at a loss for why this happened now.