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Sorry, I did not answer your question…

I had already built the main stage on the 80 Demo I have and then after I got the editor going, I have re tweaked it many times offline. Basically all inputs on the left side, then vocals added to Bank 2 along with a few things from bank one on layer B of bank 2. Bank 3 has DCA’s labeled for each element, Vocals, Full Band, Drums, Keys, Guitars, etc. plus an IEM for control room powered speakers and a Main. Other layers are pretty stock. So that keeps all the master stuff on the right without having to put any inputs there. On the 80 setup I was getting rid of all the groups and Matrices and putting vocals on that layer to look like it does on the 112 now…I reverted from that now…

That is the main stage board. The second stage which is less inputs is on the 80 now along with MC RF mics, stereo audience pickup, Tote board audio(recorded tymp and crash from computer that runs tote board) several stereo track lines and audio from video playback from the TV truck. The 112 stereo out feeds 2 channels on the 80 also to mix in. I have one act with vocals on the 80 and band from the 112. The 112 is then a submixer to the 80. The 80 then feeds a rack with a TC finalizer and audio DA’s to send to various locations. We have done this show analog since I started with it in 1974. Obviously some big changes over the years. Up till last year I was doing the TV with a Mackie 32/8 as the master and second stage and a large Soundcraft 48 for the main stage. Last year we went to an M7CL/48 instead of the Soundcraft. I decided after becoming an A&H dealer I wanted to do this. We are renting 2 Avid SC48’s for stage monitors and FOH. Copper snakes from 3way split on stage to all consoles. FOH and TV mix are 250′ runs. This show is in a large performing arts center.