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For my intended purpose I could have done this show with 2 80’s. But being a new dealer and needing to show off the series a little to potential customers I thought having a 112 would be more impressive. I live in an area where there are not a lot of dig boards. Just a few Yamaha LS, few Presonus and Behringer. I think these might be the first A&H. I have many customers with very large analog boards and the psychological change is going to be drastic. Also in the heat of a 15hr live TV show I thought having more faders showing was important to get less confused..

I am planning a dig audio workshop/seminar sometime later. I think having both consoles and a QU will be a better show.

I still would love for A&H to address my old request from a month or so back regarding contrast. These console just don’t do well sitting down. The large iLive boards have the LCD strips at an angle which probably works well. Both the strip and the screen NEED a contrast adjust for sitting.