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Thanks for your input Andy.

Good point to mention the way it works with the outputs.
I think when it comes to multitrack recording there are maybe some better options, but also with other price tags.
Multitrack recording is just one of the possibilities I want, so the possibility to route separate channels to separate outputs can be very handy in that perspective.

In most mixers the direct outputs are pre channel processing and I like to use the full processing capabilities of the Mixer. I mostly record my songs track by track (it’s the way I ‘build’ my songs) so the mix outputs are not a problem and when performing/jamming live the mix outputs give me a lot of flexibility (at least, I think so…noob as I am considering digital mixing).

The more I read about this mixer, the more I like it.
I don’t think it is the most easy to use machine, but I do think it’s possibilities makes it worth the effort.
Last but not least, my wife likes this mixer. 😉