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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reaction.

You are right about my intention to use the D3200 for recording, but I don’t think the D3200 can take the USB.
Routing my channels to the mix outputs sounds perfect to me (the D3200 has 12 only inputs).

I think the QU is a very cool mixer, even with the very restricted knowledge I have about these type of devices.
There are a lot of possibilities and there is a lot to learn, but I like to find things out and that’s why I started with synthesizers in the first place. 😉

I don’t use DAW’s intensively.
I have Tracktion running for MIDI sequencing on an old Windows XP computer.
I used the computer quite often in the past for sequencing and editing synthesizers, but as I get older I don’t like ‘mousing’ my way around through my instruments on a computer screen.
I like hands on control and I think the QU fits in my studio quite well in this perspective.