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Hey Tom,
I love my QU16 as well and can highly recommend it.
One thing though– I would make the point that whilst you can take a feed of 22 channels into you DAW over USB, the mixer does not have hardware channel direct outs or even insert sockets for each of those channels like say, my MIXWIZ and I suspect your ONYX does…
So no it does not have direct outs in the sense I think you mean.

What that means for you I think is that if you intend to use you D3200 to record, you would be limited to sending or submixing the channels you want to record to the 10 MIX outs of the QU16 unless ..
a) your D3200 can take a USB and see the QU16 as a DAW can OR
b) you can route through a DAW onwards to your D3200 though other hardware (and I suspect you don’t have that from your post)

So ideal as a desk infront of a D3200..maybe not?
Is a very, very cool mixer though..
Hope this helps