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Hi Tom I use the Qu-16 in my studio. I bought it for monitoring /and tracking and for live folk gigs. What I didn’t figure out till after the fact is that the with the Qu-16 when used with a Daw can’t access the eq or compression which I thought it could. So you can record individual tracks which works great but not eq or compression and such. Not a big deal recording a live show but in the studio I use eq especially all the time going into my DAW. In talking with Allen and Heath support it appears this will be added the ability to access the eq and compression with a future update. I wanted it specifically for tracking drums and with this feature would I feel be the ideal board for a small recording studio situation. I am not stuck as I have a high end channel strip that I use a lot but you also could run your your channels out a stereo buss or mono buss which will access the eq and such. If you do everything is a DAW i guess it is no big deal, but it was for me.

I love this mixer and can’t wait to be able to use it with the added feature as it saves a lot of work.. at least for me in my studio. Live it is awesome! … it keeps getting better as well with each update

I think the rev/ delay are comparable to your lexicon..(I have the 400) except the lexicon has a lot more control and presets. I find a lot of the other effects other than delay and reverb I wouldn’t use as much as I have better ones in my DAW and I think your lexicon would be better (my opinion)

Dwight (near Calgary AB Canada)