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Hi Tom,

I’m a live audio guy, not a musician, so, I’ll do my best to help! The QU mixer is NOT a recorder, but can record in 2 ways. Either directly to specific hard drives, through the “QU-Drive” USB port on the front panel. See which drives have been tested and approved on the pdf file at the bottom of this page:–understanding-qu-drive-and-usb

OR, directly to a MAC or PC based DAW (such as Protools etc. ) A & H just very recently came out with a new firmware update to support PC’s in addition to MAC’s also (V 1.4).

I’ve used both direct recording to hard drive, (from “QU-Drive” USB port on front panel) (limited to 18 tracks on both QU-16 & QU 24 mixers) and also recording to a MacBook Pro running Protools (from the USB “B” port on the back panel)(in this way, will record up to 24 tracks). I’ve found both methods to be quite reliable, as I’ve recorded a couple different gigs with sessions running between 20-25 GB each.

I don’t have any experience with the Lexicon processor you mention, so, I couldn’t comment on that. I have found the QU mixer efx to be quite good sounding though! You can find example of the QU mixer’s effects on this page:

QU FX & Processing

Good luck, Tom, hope this helps!