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Nicola A&H

Hi Luca,

-AB168 have a thru out: this mean i connect with a single cat5 the AR2412 and the AB168, and no matter wich is first?
I mean, i have to place the AB on front stage and the AR2412 on back stage, so my connection will be GLD->AB168->AR241.

No, you have to connect to the AR2412 first, then daisy-chain to the AB168 I’m afraid. This is due to the way channel allocation works on dSNAKE. As I posted on the Infocomm thread:

You can now assign as many as 24 in / 12 out from your main dSNAKE device i.e. the one directly connected to the GLD dSNAKE port, as well as up to 16 in / 8 out from your dSNAKE Expander (an AR84 or AB168 plugged into the Expander port of the main device, be it an AR2412 or AB168), AND up to 8 in / 4 out from the local Surface Expander. The I/O tabs reflect this arrangement.