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Just to let you know, I used my brand-new Sandisk 64 Gb Extreme in combination with a USB cable of around 1/3 meter, so the stick could be stored under the mixing table, to record a friend band on a wedding. I used the mixing table to reformat the stick and started the recordings when the band started. When I stopped around 4 hours later it the “busy” message on the screen didn’t disappear, not even after half an hour. I switch of the board because we had to leave. The recording is on the disk but the last hour is a chain of hiccups and small missing parts of the music. It is actually worser then ever before. I’m really sorry that the Sandisk 64 Gb extreme USB 3.0 doesn’t seem to be the solution. The problems seem to appear after a couple of hours. Should it help to end the recording at the end of the set and start a new recording when the new set starts instead of having a recording of 4 hours. Any suggestions are very welcome. I really in need of having this feature up and running in a trustful way.