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Davec, it is kind of hard to measure the level of sound afterwards and it is easy to develop a kind of tunnel vision on this issue. It is at the end of a recording of 2,5 hour and during the last part of the evening the sound was pretty loud. Other evenings I had put the hard disk under the mixing table in the bottom of the flight case and, without any reason, this evening the harddisk was lying on the table.

Hawk, it seems pretty logical not to make a recording of the channels that are not in use. I’m not a techie but adding an option to disable recording for those channels not in use doesn’t sound like rocket science to me.

Not adding a USB 3 connection to the mixing table is a basic design flaw. With USB 2.0 the multitrack recording is just working properly under very constraint conditions (completely empty harddisk formatted by the QU-16 table, not to loud environment (perhaps), just a selection of the hard disk available on the market is usable) and there is no way to notice there is something going wrong. I’m pretty sure that in short time for new QU-16/24 tables the USB 2.0 connection will be replaced for a USB 3.0 connection. It would be nice if Allen & Heath launch a return program for mixing tables already sold to solve the problem in a structural way by replacing the USB 2.0 connection with a USB 3.0 connection. In the car industry design flaws are fixed this way on a regular basis.