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I have done several recordings since I have the QU-16 and last week, with firmware 1.4 and a Western Digital 1 TB external HD, for the first time, I run into serious problems with hick ups in the recording. Is it possible that there is a relation between the use of FX, on several channels, consuming part of the cpu cycles available and problems with writing all the data to the harddisk. This is really a kind of disaster, with me attracting musicians to come on stage with nice equipment, good sound and a decent recording. This problem does not only affect the reputation of Allen & Heath but also mine. I have a four hour Acoustic Open Mic session every week and checking the whole recording for hick ups isn’t doable.

Using DAWN seems to be the workaround at the moment and I have a MacBook available. But I’m a total novice on this point: what software do I need on my MacBook to make this work. It would be very disappointing if making a recording stays the kind of gamble that it seems to be know but carrying my MacBook with me is not what I had in mind when I bought the QU-16.

To make a long story short: This really should be on top of the priority list of Allen & Heath. I added part of the hick up recording to this message just to give you an idea.

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