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Interesting video, and a surprising result for sure, especially in a noisy data centre environment too!

Just for sake of clarity on what I said earlier, yes vibration can cause issues reading and writing sectors on hard drives, but the buffer should be more than capable of handling the data whilst the drive sorts itself out. In 1.4 they’ve increased the buffer size which seems to have helped some people.

Don’t get me wrong though, I haven’t had the opportunity to sit and do any testing at all on this. I’m just going off the experiences others have had, and providing my input. My reasons for scepticism on the vibration theory, are that HDDs should be more than capable of handling vibration within reason, and it doesn’t seem to be affecting those using laptops or similar using the other port. Maybe it’s the computer itself absorbing this vibration, or perhaps the casing on these external drives are just not up to the task of isolating the drive well enough from it’s environment.

In theory, if vibration is the issue, the SSD drive should be flawless even if it’s placed on top of your kick drum (not recommended!), but SSDs can have their own issues if they’re not TRIM.

Bottom line is I agree that A&H should chip in and provide some insight into the issue, given they will probably have tested it to death!