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Reading the threads this is what I take away- that the 1.4 f/ware did address issues and improved things: some people with issues reported them fixed by 1.4 (perhaps buffering was changed or extended) but that given continuous vibration or perhaps specific modes of vibration, skipping will still occur if the conditions are right: Some users with issues reported them fixed at 1.4 only to find in high noise environments that they did intact still have issues.
Not all users will run in these environments however. Maybe most won’t in fact.

If this (speculation) is the case I’m very curious as to whether:
a) DAWs would suffer the same skips in the same environments- maybe laptops etc have better buffering;
b) Whether solid state drives for direct to disk recording are the answer..

Love my QU but I really think A&H should chip in on this and tell us what they know rather than leaving us to try and figure and test this out without background. It is affecting quite a few people– nothing worse than making a recording to find it is broken for reasons outside your control.