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Interestingly I found this on one of the RME forums regarding recording direct to disc from their Fireface UFX:

I have used the RME gear myself for years and found their drivers rock-solid.
The suggestion in this little blog post is to use SSD drives and I note that RME allow for USB sticks upto 2TB.
Why do A&H explicitly advise against USB sticks? Is a SATA SSD formatted to FAT32 any different to a FAT32 USB stick vs Disk??
Anyone tried an SSD?

How come this issue doesn’t occur with DAW- laptops have HDD right? Better buffering? Or does it happen infact..
I noticed in one these threads someone pointed out that you can stream USB B and write to the QDrive simultaneously and it does seem to work.. wondering if someone having these issues can try a test with USB B and QDrive simultaneously– see if it is a QDrive issue only.