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Robocurry thanks for posting that video link, very interesting!! Until now I couldn’t lean toward whether it was a fault in the QU16 or the noise / vibration but this video has swayed my thinking on exactly what caused my (any many others here) skipping. I am now leaning toward loud sound from the front of house / vibration being the cause of my skipping as opposed to being any problem with the QU16 itself, and here’s why:

1. I noted from another thread in these forums that some users reported far less occurrences of the skipping than I experienced. Some guys said they’d get a skip every few min or so, my skipping occurred every 10 seconds or so, BUT ONLY WHILE THE BAND WAS PLAYING and NO SKIPPING AT ALL between songs while only the singer was talking to the crowd.

2. If it were a firmware problem, or any other sort of technical problem with the desk surely the symptoms would be more uniform across all users; some guys have never had the skipping problem, yet others using the same firmware version and approved hard drives ARE having the problems.

3. I have only recorded once from the QU16 to an external HD and the room we were in was a shocker for noise. If anyone here is from Sydney they might know the venue, the North Bondi RSL and it’s mostly glass and hard floors, a very noisy room. Add to that, we are an AC/DC Tribute show and we’re VERY loud through the FOH. The desk was at the back of the room, probably about 15m from the stage, and the volume would definitely have still been very high back there. The hard drive was sitting in a tray right behind the desk.

I won’t have an opportunity to do further testing until the next time we work with this particular desk which unfortunately isn’t until some time in June. But meanwhile I will be making up some sort of foam lined box to house the external hard drive which will insulate it from both volume and vibration. I will certainly report the results here, of course. And hopefully in the meantime someone else might be able to do some testing sooner and report their results.