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LOL oh man…. we’re getting some fantastic first hand feedback here but it still seems inconclusive. Eddy_current, it seems from your experience that vibration definitely can be an issue. And then DMAudio shoots that theory down in flames based on his knowledge of such things, but he hasn’t proven anything with these problems we’re experiencing through his own practical tests. Personally, I really need to get my bands next show recorded to use the audio for promo stuff so I can’t take any more chances. So, I’m gonna go the laptop with a DAW route which everyone in this thread who says they’ve done it that way has found faultless. I don’t want to take this thread off track but I’d like to ask those who have used a DAW, you’re just using the same USB output and sending multitracks over the USB, right? I ask because in my previous experience Firewire was recommended over USB for multitrack recording, and Firewire with the Qu16 isn’t an option….so far as I know anyway.