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Vibration on a HDD will not cause skipping issues, that’s simply not how they work. It’s not like vinyl. Only way this could possibly happen is if the drive is of such poor design that excessive vibrations cause write failures, at which point the music is stored in the buffer and doesn’t skip. There would have to be so many write failures to overflow the buffer and cause bad data to be written, which is when you’d hear the skips.

Modern hard drives these days, you’ve have to be bouncing it off a table to cause read/write problems like that.

This is what leads me to believe that the issue that’s plaguing most people is with the Q-drive interface. Either it has tragically small buffers, or just doesn’t have the transfer rates to deal with the amount of data it’s receiving. Think of it this way….you record to the HDD on your laptop via a DAW – no issues. But with the Q-Drive, they recommend NOT starting and stopping recording, and clearing the drive after each session!

There’s definitely an inherent issue there I feel…