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for these “hand-made” devices, it is quite easy to build a “master” conected by tcp to the QU16, and multiple slaves connected to the master, so the QU16 sees only one device 🙂

I in deed have considered this option. But it’s not true that it is quite easy. After all, a safe implementation of such a program would need to be aware of the full MIDI implementation of the Qu-16. For example, switching mute on/off on a channel involves sending (or receiving) two note-on events. Hence, it must be ensured by such a program that Qu messages encapsulated into multiple MIDI events are not split in the middle and mixed up if multiple clients send the same information simultaneously.

Furthermore, the Qu can be requested to send a parameter dump or the current meter status (creating plenty of traffic) – if one iPad requests meter status, and the other doesn’t – what to do? Send all data to both? Keep track of which one requested what?

It’s not impossible, but doing this properly is a lot more work than one might think at a first glance.