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I’m not against multiple Ipad control – I can see that in some situations it would be useful, but I wonder if the single Ipad control isn’t such a big deal?

I mix a number of bands and variety shows and run foldback from an analogue FOH mixer – no remote control possible. Apart from a couple of times back and forth from mix position to stage during sound check to get the overall levels right, I find it easy to manage foldback from FOH. I rarely get requested for a monitor mix change from the stage before, during or after a show. I often get complements for my stage sound (and I don’t ever get on a stage during a show).

True, if each performer had their own ipad control, they could mix their own monitor and take the pressure off me. But I find that monitor mixes don’t tend to change much during the show. Is it not possible for the performers to share a single ipad on stage?