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hello bob, hello jeff!

thanks for reply.

i can unterstand the need for focusing of resources to the most common systems (in hard and software) for a “small” company like A&H. but on the other hand, the gld himself is linux-powered! so why not give back a little bit to the linux-community? the use of linux saves o lot money as compared to the use of commercial realtime-os-systems (e.g. VxWorks) which needs adaption and configuration as well.

mostly it’s not necessary to create software for linux by self, a well documented open-api will be more than enough.

same for hardware…
…so it will be possible for everyone to engineer own interfaces.

thank you for your suggestion, you are right! a lot of the rme-interfaces with madi-interface are supported by alsa and consequently useable with ardour. now i have to check advantages and disadvantages of a setup like this and must calculate the coasts.

thanks allot!
best regards!

ps: is it possible to get detailed information about hard and software?