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Dante Expensive??? Nah Find me another 64 channel recording option that can also distribute audio to multiple destinations and is not brand specific? Not so long ago the same amount of money would have got you an external soundcard that could perhaps record EIGHT CHANNELS!!!! Heck – my first analogue 1/2″ 8 Track reel to reel had a list price of $12,500 and we have had 30 years of inflation since then! Just because there are some cheap mixers that offer some degree of built in recording doesn’t mean Dante is bad value. It is a high quality networking solution that offers value recording as a bonus. I’m sure there will be cheaper option’s to come but I certainly don’t consider a Dante solution to be unreasonably priced. Rant over!

Hey Kenelm – You should be fine with your MBP Ethernet adaptor and you should be able to easily get 32 tracks. I have a 17″ MBP with a Standard drive and can record over 40 tracks with a gigabit Dante connection. You won’t need a second licence on your desktop if you are mixing internally and outputting audio using another audio device (ie not using Dante to output) Dante recorded files can be used/ mixed on whatever hardware you like.