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By default the GLD patches the input sockets of the AR2412 to the processing channels. “1 to 1” This means that if you plug a mic into socket 11, it will show up on channel 11 on the GLD. You can change this.

By default the GLD lays out the channels on the left bank of fader strips “1 to 1”. This means that channel 5 will be on the 5th fader. You can change this too.

Lets say your input list is;

Kick – Mic plugged into socket 1, patched to channel 1, on fader 1.
Snare – Mic plugged into socket 2, patched to channel 2, on fader 2.
Overhead SR – Mic plugged into socket 3, patched to channel 3, on fader 3.
Overhead SL – Mic plugged into socket 4, patched to channel 4, on fader 4.
Bass – Mic plugged into socket 5, patched to channel 5, on fader 5.
E. Guitar – Mic plugged into socket 6, patched to channel 6, on fader 6.
Vocal – Mic plugged into socket 7, patched to channel 7, on fader 7.

After doing a few shows you decide you want to close mic the 3 toms.

The most simple thing to do would be to continue with the sequential patching and just plug the toms into sockets 8,9,10 (which by default would put them on channels 8,9,10 and faders 8,9,10). You could do this very easily, but then your drum mics wouldn’t be together on the faders. You could fix this by going into setup>control>strip assign and moving those channels onto whatever faders you wanted them to be on (eg, move the toms to after the snare and before the overheads, faders 3,4,5). This is fine but your stage patching would be in a strange order. Leaving it this way isn’t a problem, but you may want to change it.

To change it, first write down the preamp gain settings of all your channels. Lets say you want your new tom inputs to be on sockets 4,5,6. This in fine but you’ll need to make room for them. Unplug every XLR after sockets 1 and 2, and move each one three numbers higher eg move bass from 5 to 8, move vocal from 7 to 10. Inputs 4,5,6 will be empty now, plug your toms in. Now you have to tell the GLD that you’ve moved some of the mics to different sockets. select each channel, eg. Vocal, go to preamp, source select and tell it that that mic is not in socket 7, it is now in socket 10. Change the gain value back to the one you wrote down earlier.

The important thing to remember is that everything is on the same channel it was on before, but some channels are on different faders, and some channels are getting their audio from a different socket. Because all your channels are the same, there’s no reason any of your mixes would change.

Could you post your show file and say what inputs you want to add?