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Sorry for this double post, being new to this forum I didn`t know how to edit/correct my first post. Here we go:

Chris has got it right!
But there are some details to consider:

You can right-click to copy/paste all Mix and Select buttons in the editor window (whole mixer), but not in the processing (screen) window.

-right-click the Channel Sel button will copy and paste channel settings like EQ, Comp, Gate and Delay (only processing data,BUT NO PREAMP DATA).

-right-click the Channel Mix button will copy and paste assignments and levels of Aux, Grp and L/R mixes (BUT NO PRE/POST-SETTINGS!!!).

-right-click the preamp field ( ONLY IN MIXER OVERVIEW, not in Processing screen) copies the input parameters like gain, phantom, pad…(BUT NOT THE INPUT PATCH and NAMES & COLORS!)

Channel Inserts can NOT be Copied/Pasted!

Now if you have 22 channels and want to put a new channel between -say- ch-10 and ch-11, you start to CopyPaste (SEL and MIX and Preamp and manually copy Input Names&Colors) ch-22 to ch-23, then ch-21 to ch-22, 20 to 21 and so on until you have copied ch-11 to 12.
Ch-11 is doubled on 12 now, so you can now put a new setting and instrument on old ch-11.

Then check your input patch (but I understand your goal was want to keep that).
And then check “Pre/Post” settings again. For standard band applications they might also stay the same…

A little footwork to do, tricky sh*t but it works.

end of edit