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Mark McFarlane

Thanks Chris for the help.

I used the touchscreen meters to look at the aux signals immediately before and after the fader. There was signal before the Aux1 through Aux5 faders, and no signal after the aux faders. he faders were ‘up enough’ for the show volume (-30 DBFS).

I only had 4 DCAs setup, none of then are connected to Auxes except my ‘Master DCA’ which controls L,R,M, and an Aux for subs.

Today I made a new fader layer and put all 16 DCAs on it and reconfirmed that none of the DCAs are connected to the monitor axes except my one ‘Master DCA’ fader which was not connected to Aux 1-5, only Aux6 which I use for subs. Actually, there were no subs at this gig so I can’t comment on whether Aux 6 was also dead.

Again, recalling the show file didn’t fix the problem, but a reboot followed by the recall fixed the problem.