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Mark McFarlane

Thanks Chris, you’ve been really helpful. Thanks for sticking in with me.

To clarify, are you suggesting that I change a bus (e.g. remove 2 aux buses, Apply, reinstate them, Apply)

a) during a show if I have problems, as an option to doing a reboot
b) as a way to fix my current show file.
c) something else?

I just tried removing 2 aux buses, then reinstate them, and was surprised that the console remembered where I had placed the faders for those 2 removed auxes and even remembered the custom names I gave them, but it did loose the mix assignments to those buses.

This would actually be a decent workaround if I could reprogram the FPGAs and solve the problem by removing the last 2 effects and reinstating them. I’ll seldom use effects 7 & 8 and I wouldn’t loose any monitor mixes,…

Also, note that I fixed the problem at the show by going to the processing page, hitting shutdown, flipping the power switch of then off again. I think that is what you are calling a’normal reboot’ which may not cause the FPGAs to be reinitialized.

Do you now if it is safe to remove and add effects in the middle of a song? Does the system drop audio during this process? I guess I can test.