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Just changing some bus settings to force the FPGA’s to reprogram. The way it was explained to me on this forum is that the bus structure had been created with a problem when the template show was initially loaded. A normal reboot doesn’t reprogram the FPGA’s that control the buses, only telling them to change will do it. Essentially the reboots weren’t rebooting the thing that needed to be rebooted.

I’d highly doubt your problem is in the audiorack, that doesn’t account for the post-fader signal being missing at the console. It’s not something that tends to happen so I wouldn’t expect it to be a common occurance.

The interface freezes are a bit more prevalent, but I’ve only had it happen once in 17 months. It was during a soundcheck and switching it off and on again had it back up and running in about 40 seconds. I’ve heard from someone else that had one that it’s fine when running fewer inputs but when you start using more channels and more mixes it can cause the interface freeze. My freeze was when I was using more inputs and mixes than normal.

Audio isn’t affected, so if there was a facility to just reboot the user interface without switching off the whole console this wouldn’t really be a problem. Not having that facility moves it from the “doesn’t cause audio to stop” category to “does cause audio to stop” category.