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Mark McFarlane

I didn’t change the bus configuration mid show, It was working, and then stopped. All I did during the show is ride LR+M mix faders and muck with EQ, comps, & gates, comps on the busses, and FX feeds.

FWIW, I, like many others, have had the screen freeze twice in the shop while reconfiguring the system. I’ve only had it for a week.

I can rebuild my show file, it will take a few hours. I hate to just stab in the dark like that, but I guess it’s good practice. The hard part isn’t building the setup the hard part is documenting what I’ve done already, I’ve made a lot of customizations. Maybe I can load my show file in the editor (offline) and use that as a reference to reprogram the board.

A&H’s official response : “There is not a known issue that would account for this, if the problem persists please contact your local dealer to arrange for a service of the desk and the audiorack, as the fault could be with either of these.”.

Frankly I’m disappointed, I consider this MI-level support. It doesn’t even appear that they looked at the show file. Behringer appears to be providing better support for the X32. As another aside, The same day I got the GLD112 I bought an X32 Rack as an emergency backup console to take to gigs, and for occasional small gigs with no FOH space. Kind of a pity to need to carry an X32 as backup to for the GLD.

I still have my 01V96. It’s been rock solid for a decade. Never had a single problem at a show. Was planning on selling it, maybe not now.