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Pit Lenz

There is a way that GLD and Q16 could communicate. As a matter of fact they do already!
dSnake and the Monitor output socket on the AR1412 seem to speak THE SAME LANGUAGE.
Only the channel addresses are fixed and can not be changed at the moment.

Try this:
Connect a Q16 to the Mon out via CAT5.
Play any signal on the GLD (say, CD on Input 45/56) and route it to Mon 1 and 2 (in ME mode).
Change all Inputs on the Q to dSnake.
The signal appears on Stereo Channel 3, which is Input 21/22. Loud and clear.

This leads to the conclusion:
The dSnake output routing protocol seems to be: Ch 1-16 to AR2412, Ch 17-20 to a linked AR0804, Ch 21-60 to the Mon output (in ME mode).

If A&H would unlock and provide digital input patch options (away from dSnake-1 to Input-1 and so on) on a Q console, we could have the FOH/monitor configuration everybody seems to be waiting for.

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