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the squeak gets the oil!
I was told the AR2412 is a “dumb unit” has no clock pulse is what that refers to I suspect?
I have tried most conceivable combinations of hubs, splitters, (and using 2 QU’s ) on the Ethernet line between the QU and QU and AR2412. I noticed on a hub that I tried, the 2 QU’s are seen by the hub, however one QU would fall off and say “no dSnake” when I tried using them
I suspect there is a Hub or switch out there that would allow this. (cost is a factor here)
I would like to see a data schematic flow of how this all works.
Unfortunately there is only so much time in the day to experiment and carry on working to earn the coin.
Maybe early days for the QU and future firmware may change something.
The ME-1 (brilliant device) output from the AR2412 is limited from assignments within the QU

AN Idea!? maybe a dedicated firmware to turn the QU into a monitor / recording desk to run off the AR2412 monitor port?
A bit like the old way of running the GL series desks in monitor mode?

dave NZ