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Well.. this sounds pretty easy… and personally i would love to have this implemented because i have a Qu-16 and a GLD-80 as well! But i know that there are a few more question to be cleared….:ยจ
– which console does control the Gain of the AR-Racks?
– with a Qu-16 is the input-channel-count limited to 16Mono and 3stereo?
– does the software even communicate between GLD and Qu-Series?
– do we need an extension card to do so (Like Dante!) And if so.. is it possible to upgrade the Qu with DANTE?

at least i think it’s not really worth to have this possibility.. i rather get a second GLD and a DANTE Card for both consoles! Way faster to work with it and especially the awesome MIX-Buttons on the GLD and iLive are the best for monitoring!