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Personally, I own a GLD80 system that is decently pimped out minus IEM mixers. I have only two Aviom mixers now.

I advise for a smallish church with two sites. They are going IEMs. I would need five each for a total of 10 units. Comparing web prices between the ME1 and the P16M is $6500 vs $2500, a $4k difference. I am aware the capabilities and differences so those do not need reinforcing here. What our church needs for IEMs are about 10 to 12 channels. Also I would live with the incompatibility of AES50 and the A&H protocol for the price difference.

A&H have set a precedence for offering a down market digital mixer with their QU16 compared to their GLD and I-live offerings. It seems to follow on that a compatible down market IEM would bolster sales of their QU16 mixer. That $4000 difference will more than buy me a whole mixer of whatever brand I choose. I am sure the other company put in allot of software engineering too but the mixers are presented at an attractive price point. Especially if you need to buy into their whole ecosystem. I am sure the less expensive IEM mixers are selling by the container load. What is unattractive about that?

The price drop of the GLD was a reaction to something and I assume it is the competition from that entry level board offered by the competition. I was just thinking/hoping that A&H might offer a low line IEM mixer to augment their QU mixer.

I do enjoy my GLD80 system. Thank you for a great product.