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Sometimes we need to spend just a little more money (for quality) than we budget for or plan.
The AR2412 is wonderful and you can plug the ME-1 straight into the monitor output.
I used the AR2412 in an extremely loud situation recently and people commented how good the sound was.
It has certainly changed my way of thinking about digital.
My next project I hope to be able to supply a whole heap of the ME-1 to musicians so they can dial up their own mix into floor wedges.
The line output seems to have enough drive to feed monitors? however the problem here is there is no “extensive” EQ to pull out peaks.
There is 3 band EQ with in the ME-1 and I have experimented with volume into floor wedges… but when you get multiple floor wedges that’s where the problem I have not tried.
The ME-1 is not programmable within the QU? from what I have seen.
I suspect that will happen on eventually. I hope so.