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Hello. I can add to that. I have a GSR24M with very complex Reaper templates I made and have had to suddenly replace that mixer whilst I wait for a part for that desk. So I put the QU16 in its place and configured the QU16 as a DAW for Reaper and its absolutely stunning. Then thought ok how do I get head phones working and mmmm lets try an ME-1. So in it went directly into the Dsnake port. Of course I had to read and learn the manual (dam it)
but after one day it works amazing straight out of the QU. You will need to program the ME-1 and really think about how you want to use it (groups?). Possibly a little differently to how its designed with the GLD as that uses buses from what I suspect? I don’t have a GLD so I don’t really know. But I did get the ME-1 working great listening to different types of mixes from the QU-1 as a DAW. Page 48 of the QU PDF manual. The QU is not programmable in the same respect as larger mixers, however you can listen to other monitor or FOH mixes etc… And, as using it as a DAW the audio comes from the QU OTB (out of the box) rather from INT (in the box). Within the mixer itself.
Hope this helps
regards davyd