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Hi Jim,
provided you have commercial amplifiers with decent power for the monitors, you can connect up to three 8 ohm monitor speakers to each amp channel. You need to make sure that each amplifier output is connected to just one wall plate. When I install systems in churches, I connect the stage monitor amplifier outputs to many different floor pockets (in your case wall plates) this allows convenient connection to the various mixes around the stage area. HOWEVER!!!!! if the same amp channel (auxiliary) is connected to more than one wall plate,,,, you should not connect more than three 8 ohm speakers total to the amplifier. Two is the maximum that most people recommend, but three can be safely used without damage to anything. Just a side note, the little Galaxy Hotspot monitor speakers are 16 ohm. Twice as many 16 ohm speakers can be connected as compared to 8 ohm.

Ohms is the way we measure impedance (resistance), if we have (two) 8 ohm speakers that means our load that is connected to the amplifier is about 4 ohms, if we have (two) 16 ohm speakers connected to the amplifier we have a load of 8 ohms. Sorry if some of that was redundant or confusing but as long as your monitor speakers are 8 ohms three is the max or you will damage amplifiers and then possibly the speakers too. It is best to stick with just two 8 ohm speakers especially if the amplifiers are running kinda loud.

There will be someone posting that says I am nuts for telling you that three 8 ohm speakers is OK on one amp, but I have done it without issues for years and years.