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Okay, I’ve tried it your way, just to say I tried it. I’ve tried it with 3 different routers with DHCP on and DHCP off. I’ve tried a million configurations with the QU 16, router and Qupad. Nothing. I really believe this Qu16 has a faulty network card or whatever it uses to establish a connection. I am running out of time to send this unit back. This unit is refurbished. I bought this from unique_squared_inc on ebay. This is what they told me:

Some things to note:


If we do not currently have stock of the item you are requesting a replacement for at the time of return receipt, we will issue a full refund.

Returns for refund will incur an 15% restocking fee and forfeiture of international or expedited shipping charges.

Product must be in factory sealed, never opened resalable condition to qualify for a full refund, as we can not resell a repacked item as brand new or newly refurbished.
If they don’t have another unit, I am screwed. A 15% restocking fee, $225. Really? Oops, just called. They don’t have anymore. Have talked to several tech people. no help. So now unique_squared_inc is telling me to check on my warranty. What a mess!