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Thanks for that thought Dan.
I did have a look at that mixer. I didn’t know they existed.
In the last bigger job I adid kind of use a QU as a mixer mixer
and drove Aux fed subs, Centre fill and PFL’s. That all worked brilliantly.
I am in the process of just building a passive summing rack mount (2 units) where I have 4 XLR inputs and 1 XLR output X 8. Basically to run monitors and aux fed subs from. ( I understand the output drive will be less but there is just so much power in these amps these days that should be ok)
The FOH is ok as I bring that data into ST1 and ST2
I really want XLR in/out
I had thought about a couple of Behringer MX882 splitter mixers but just another gadget to go wrong in the heat of the moment.
Less is more!?
I have another 2 large gigs coming up this and next week. The QU24 will take ages to get here in NZ