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I’ve found workarounds for a lot of stuff so far within the board, but you could just use 2 line inputs instead of the stereo pair and use the ST inputs for something else

From what I found so far with working with a few guys who know there way around a digital board, the Qu-16 is a very cool unit, but there is still a lot of firmware that needs to come out to complete its full potential.

• The ability to make the ST1 and ST2 inputs mono would give more versatility

• The fact that there is a user access restriction menu you can’t do anything with yet is kind of funny

• a monitor for AES output, regardless if it says it’s following whatever source it is, or if there is no room for it, somehow it would be nice to see levels for everything going out because it’s too easy to flip a switch in some sub menu and suddenly it’s not doing exactly what you wanted and now you can’t see it