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Hi. I used the out board QU16’s as side mixers with 31 band EQues and DBX compression and THEN summed them before coming back into ST1 and ST2 and that gave me a surface area with 4 groups. I see one each on ST1 and ST2 are mono but that still dosnt quite do what I want.Next time I wouldnt use out board EQ etc.. so then I definitately need suming INSIDE the QU16.

In your case have you thought about simply using the dSnake for stage use, and then switching to local for your selected channels?

My next ponder : where can I find some simply summing amps? preferably passive
I think I need about 13 of them to truly join up my units via anologue
Thats give 6 monitor sends seperate ux fed subs and FOH. I use 3 AR24 gives me 32 channels at mic level and a all of the returns up next amp racks etc..
The crunch is being able to PFL AFL each desk at FOH mix position
and then of course you can split the mixers up for small gigs

Thanks.. cheers
davyd hodge Auckland NZ