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dhak: that would be great, it would give more flexibility of stereo / mono tools to work with.

eotsskleet: I am aware of being able to use just one side of the stereo as a mono (I think that’s what you mean) but won’t it still only use one side of a stereo channel instead of summing both left and right channels to one output? (as with a mono output?) did I miss something? (I hope so!)

I agree though, probably a very simple firmware update to change this feature. One touchscreen option and flick the switch to mono or stereo output!

I Still would like to know if the Line & MIC inputs could be separated into individual channels as like the old GL2200. If this can be done on a firmware change or if it is a hardware thing.

I was simply told by Allen & Heath Tech Support not to plug in both a Line and a MIC input to an individual channel at the same time. They didn’t offer more than that.

This board is a permanent install with patch panels, recordings, and regular events so for me, it would really be a bonus to select between 16 channels of MIC inputs and another 16 channels of Line inputs. Custom layers galore, and, a feature no other 16 channel digital mixer has (That I’ve seen anyways).