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“I think a store button already comes up with a confirm dialog? I wouldn’t want to automatically assume the user wanted to update the library though.”

Not talking about the existing confirmation. Just that if you edit an existing library item, the user might want to store those edits, and might not realize that they wouldn’t be stored unless they ‘Overwrite’ the existing item. They are not currently prompted either way.

“For me personally, that seems a bit excessive. I’m not that interested in what was last recalled on a channel, that’s been and gone. I’ll probably change the channel parameters an awful lot once I’ve used the library recall start point.”

It would be excessive if it were excessively graphic (Wow!! Fuschia!) or if you were forced to look at it at all times. If it is done subtly and in the list that you only view as needed, I think it would be helpful to most people. But everyone is entitled to an opinion.