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I do usability design for a living…not that I am trying to say that I’m the only one here with good ideas, or that I’m always right, but merely to say that I know via user testing of similar things what best practice probably ought to be in this case.

1. “It seems to me that most simple thing is for nothing highlighted when you change a channel. You switch channels and library items are listed but not highlighted and appropriate item applied.” I respectfully suggest that this isn’t optimal. What you describe (no highlighting and no library name shown) should be the case where no stored library item is being applied. It is very helpful to see when an item IS applied, and what it is.

2. “But if you change any of those settings after recall, the library no longer represents what’s on the channel.” True, but in practical use most users will expect that it still points to the majority of the settings, even if one or two have changed. Ideally, the system would prompt the user to ask if they wanted to save the changes to the stored library item. Another good thing to do would be to have a visual cue (different highlight color, icon, or other) to signify that this item is being used, but has been edited.