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I guess I understand that, but that is only verifiable if you know what settings are supposed to be applied to the channel. Let me give you a scenario:

1. Set up channel 1 for a snare mic, with a high pass filter set pretty high to eliminate kick bleed. Record and name the library item “snare.”
2. Set up channel 2 as the kick mic, with its own low pass filter, EQ emphasis, compression, etc. Label this library item “kick.”
3. Go back to channel 1 with the intent to double-check which set of settings was applied. The library item “kick” is now highlighted, leading one to believe that you now have a low pass filter applied to the snare.

So the way it works now is at best inconvenient, and at worst misleading unless you pay close attention. I think whatever is being applied is what should be highlighted, not whatever was last selected.