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Hi lithiumfun
Start off by naming the DSP ‘input’ channels of the GLD mixer e.g. channel 1 = ‘Kick’, channel 12 = ‘keysL’ etc
remember you do not have to display the input channels in numerical sequence across the GLD surface, they can be arranged by drag n drop however you want on a song by song basis if needed (using scenes)
physical sockets are then patched to each input, either singly or in a range. on a standard setup these would probably be the XLR inputs on the AudioRack on stage, but of course a source for a channel could equally be a socket on the rear of the mixer, a digital input from the multi-channel I/O option card, an FX return, USB, or a Mix etc [all selected from the input patchbay].
example: if physical XLR socket named IP23 on the AR2412 is where you want to plug the bass guitar into and label it accordingly, then highlight that socket on the I/O screen, then select input channels on the drop-down list and dial through them using the rotary until you get to the ‘bass’ and apply. That socket [23] is now labelled bass on screen and you can go ahead and put a market on the stage box. The ‘input channel’ for the bass may be completely different [e.g. ch 7]

I hope this helps?
With iLive and GLD it is important to realise that a channel strip [inc an ‘input’] has has a patch-bay at the front end not necessarily a dedicated socket like an analogue console has.