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Hi nicola (are you italian?).
Itunes don’t have an option in which choose outputs (or pheraphs i’m not able to find it ?).

Anyway I immagine you mean to patch it in “Audio MIDI configuration” of my Mac.
Yes, I did this on my mac:
1- I choose QU-16 usb in “Audio MIDI configuration”
2- I choose in “configurazione spaeakers” stereo and I pacth the 21 for left and 22 for right (in this there are two audio test bottons for each speakers: if I push both of them they works well, and I can ear signal tests coming from mixer in right ways).
But nothing happen if I play Itunes (or i.e. Youtube ecc ecc).
(If could be usefull, in “Audio MIDI configuration” of my Mac it happen that I cannot move any of volume bars (output section)).

I dont’ know if i have to do something else in my mixer, but i don’t think so if it well works with signal tests.