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I sure hope that iLive isn’t abandoned in the development department.
Whilst I personally have no urgent desire for any additional features there are loads of requests from this forum and its previous incarnation, some of which have been addressed for GLD and QU but not yet for iLive.

In an ideal world features should appear in the flagship model and then filter down to the lower cost lines.
It seems crazy that features that have been requested can appear in the budget QU and not in the iLive.

I can understand loads of development time being thrown at new lines when they’re released with a partial feature set to get them into market quickly, but once that initial hump is cleared at least some attention should still be paid to the big boys toys.

Worst case some effort should be made to provide these features on iLive once they’re available on GLD and QU.

…but then who knows, A&H never talk about features in advance of release. Maybe there’s another iLive update on the way that addresses the list of features that have been requested over the years but never gotten around to.

Some sort of a statement, however generic, on the future of iLive development would be nice.