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I think they will continue developing the iLive series! For sure there will be an iLive2 in the future… but i think that want be this year, not even next year! You shouldn’t complain about what you don’t have.. you should suggest what you really need! Then everyone who’s with you can “Thumb up” it and A&H will recognise the big need!

However, the A&H engineers are a specific amount of people.. they can either develope more features for existing mixers OR they can develope on a new mixer-serie!

At the last roadshow in Frankfurt i talked to some of the A&H guys, they told me that the software for iLive, Qu-16 and GLD isn’t the same! That’s the reason that it isn’t that easy to implement the same feature at the same time! Especially the iLive has some more features then the GLD and if you wanna have another feature implemented in iLive they have to do more tests on it that nothing of the existing features running into errors!

End of my words… go on and ask for what you really need – or leave A&H develope a new Mixer that will beat all the other brands! ;D