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I had my work purchase into the iLive line because of the then flagship status, and my expectation of future updates and upgrades. Initially, customer support seemed strong and responsive, but has lagged over time (as others have indicated correlating with the releases of GLD and QU series.) I was miffed when the GLD owners got an app for free after I had to shell out $100 to get an iLive app. I’m equally disappointed that the GLD now has features that my iLive system does not.

I personally will not be buying any more Allen & Heath digital products. I don’t feel that they stand by them once they “move on” to the next series of products, regardless of where those products sit on their in-house food chain. Very frustrating, and I’m not afraid to admit that my first foray into A&H turned out more like an industry coworker termed it when he heard I’d bought an iLive from “Allen & Grief.”